E-cigarettes an emerging alteratnive


‘Vaping’ a healthier way for NZ


E-cigarettes emit water vapor. The department is considering the need for a statutory change in the Illinois Smoke-Free Act to address e-cigarettes, said Arnold, since the law speaks to lit tobacco products, not something that is ignited, or emits vapor and not smoke. E-cigarettes are treated like general retail merchandise for tax purposes, said Sue Hofer, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Revenue. But she said the agency is studying the issue. We looked at the regulations and saw no mention of e-cigarettes, said Hofer.
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Wirral MEP vows to fight for e-cigarette users

John Hogan, director of government relations for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco says, At the end of the day, what we feel is important is that Rhode Island enacting a law that keeps this out of the hands of minors. Advocators of e cigarette say that proper precaution should be taken while buying and selling of these devices. Different e cigarette companies have pushed for a legislation banning usage of these battery operated device by minors in different state of U.S. As per the tobacco and e cigarette industry officials, if this bill becomes a law then Rhode Island would join approximately two dozen other states that has ban minors from using e cigarettes.
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R.I E Cigarette Legislation to Undergo Veto Reviews DigitalSmoke.org

MEPs agreed to treat e-cigarettes as medicines, reducing their availability compared to tobacco and putting big costs on users. Vaporising nicotine to be inhaled by the smoker, the e-cigarettes give addicts their hit without many of the harmful chemicals and second-hand smoke produced by regular cigarettes. The issue will now be the subject of a vote by the full European Parliament in the autumn. And Mr Davies joined other Lib Dem MEPs as well as Conservative and UKIP members to vote against the change while Labour voted in favour. He said: In an ideal world no-one would be addicted to nicotine but we dont live in an ideal world and it is better to vape than to smoke.
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All that is needed is some advance testing of nicotine refills, some temporary approvals and the drafting of nicotine regulations. Ad Feedback Once the supply of nicotine refills is legalised, and tobacco excise increases again, more smokers will switch to vaping as the safer option. Media campaign messages could be extended to include “quit and switch”. E-cigarettes may need legislation, possibly through a private member’s bill. In Britain e-cigarette use is confined to smokers and ex-smokers, with near-zero use by non-smokers and young people.
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